General Information
  Our lab works on a wide range of projects in computer vision and multimedia. Currently, we employ advanced machine learning techniques such as deep learning to develop our systems. Some of our applications include museum guidance, autonomous vehicle, parking lot management system ... Most of them are confirmed and supported by industry. Through the process of completing the projects, the student will be equipped the self-studying ability as well as the teamwork skill to adapt to an ever-changing world. Besides, we also try to build an international environment in our lab, you may find that our lab members come from many countries such as Taiwan, Vietnam and Indonesia. Therefore, working in our lab, you also can experience different cultures.
Research direction focuses on Machine learning and Computer Vision:
  • Image Processing
    We develop the system using image from multiple Kinect cameras, processing methods, deep learning method to reconstruct 3D image and recognize action. - 3D Reconstruction and Action Recognition with Multiple Kinects.
    - 3D Reconstruction and Action Recognition with Multiple Kinects.
  • Computer Vision
    We focus on a video surveillance architecture and framework for rapid development of video surveillance applications.
    - Parking Lot System.
  • Computational Photography
    We now focus on image enhancement and image understanding.
  • Wireless Communication
    We focus on developing localization system which is using wireless signal strength.
    - Wireless indoor localization system
    - SLAM
    - Museum Guidance System
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems
    We now focus on developing system using deep learning method for Autonomous Vehicle project to do some tasks:
    - Lane detection
    - Car and human detection.
    - Traffic light and traffic sign detection
Current research projects:
  • Parking lot System
  • 3D Reconstruction and Action Recognition with Multiple Kinects
  • Autonomous vehicle
  • Museum Guidance System
  • Simultaneous Localization And Mapping (SLAM)
  • Indoor localization
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